What makes an active citizen?

What makes an active citizen? Is voting in elections enough? Or does it mean volunteering every week and only buying fair trade fruit? A cursory search reveals that there is no real agreement on what it means to be an active citizen. Volonteurope has teamed up with European Civic Forum to...

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Activizenship #2 is out !

The second issue of Activizenship has just been released ! In the continuity of the recent developments about fundamental rights and civic space in Europe, this second number focuses on the Hungarian case and the raise of the concept of Illiberal Democracy, "labelled" by Hungarian Prime...

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Citizen Rights report

The Citizen Rights toolkit has been produced by the European Civic Forum and European Alternatives as part of the Citi-Rights project. The report addresses recommendations and inputs to European Institutions, aimed at better protecting rights enshrined in EU Treaties and including citizens in EU level decision...

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