300+ CSOs call on the European Commission for a European Civil Society Strategy: join our campaign!

21 June 2022 | Call for action, Campaign, EU Civil Society Strategy

Today the European Civic Forum joins 300+ CSOs from all across Europe to call on the President of the European Commission to include in the work programme of 2023 a proposal for a European Civil Society Strategy. Read the letter here: https://bit.ly/3xLbk9j 

Why a European Civil Society Strategy? 

Civil society is experiencing growing challenges on the ground. While the European Union has recently started several promising initiatives in the area of democracy, rule of law and social economy, they address in a piecemeal manner some of the most urgent problems with which CSOs are being confronted. An overarching solution empowering and protecting civil society has yet to surface.  

In order to promote a thriving civic space at EU and national level, the European Commission should launch a proactive EU strategy towards open civic space and resilient civil society, giving “genuine political recognition to the crucial role played by CSOs” by filling monitoring, support and protection gaps, and clearly linking monitoring and reporting tools to EU enforcement mechanisms to ensure follow-up. 

In its recently released report, the European Civic Forum points at the gaps and challenges in the existing European measures and builds on broadly shared proposals for European actions towards a vibrant European civic space. Read the full ECF report here: European civil society strategy report 2022_European Civic Forum or check the factsheet here. 

How can you engage? 

It is now more urgent than ever for civil society to stand together and call on the European Commission’s President to include the development of a EU Civil Society Strategy in the 2023 European Commission workplan! We need a prompt follow-up by the European Commission before the start of the electoral campaigning ahead of the 2024 European elections.   

Already 300+ CSOs across Europe signed Civil Society Europe’s letter, facilitated by the European Civic Forum, but our campaign has just begun and we need as much support as possible!  

You can still support this campaign by adding you name here: https://forms.office.com/r/vfhF7Nvqej  

Together we can make a difference!