2015 European Civic Days

European Civic Days are back in Strasbourg on October 22nd-23rd 2015! Since La Rochelle in 2008, the ECF is organising its “European Civic Days”, high visibility events in the framework of the rotating EU Presidencies, providing space for stimulating, open and critical debates between civic, academic...

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With Greece, we say YES to democracy and social justice!

During the last decade, popular trust in the European project is going records low, alongside decrease in living standards and raising poverty for large swaths of the population. The institutional responses to the financial and then economic crisis The institutional responses to the financial and then economic...

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Democracy at risk in Portugal

We now count five years of austerity, which the Portuguese population had to survive. Today, we therefore live a violent social regression, the largest in the history of our young democracy: 28% of the population lives in poverty and 41% in severe material deprivation (source:...

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TTIP Update

To pass or not pass? To pass or not pass? That is the great question hanging over the Transatlatic Trade Agreements (TTIP), between the EU and the USA on the one hand, and the already agreed yet contested one between Canada and the EU on the...

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