Millennial Matters – Agents of Change

Together with European youth organisations we will explore how you can create your own movement. You have an idea. You are searching for people with similar ideas. But, what's next? What will be the step that takes you beyond visions and ideas, that will be embedded...

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A Civic Academy for Democracy in Europe

European civil society representatives and academics met on 8-9 October 2016 in La Rochelle, France to discuss about “Democracy in Europe and the missing links”. Some 200 activists from citizens’ platforms and representatives from social, human rights, culture and environment organisations from all over Europe...

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What makes an active citizen?

What makes an active citizen? Is voting in elections enough? Or does it mean volunteering every week and only buying fair trade fruit? A cursory search reveals that there is no real agreement on what it means to be an active citizen. Volonteurope has teamed up with European Civic Forum to...

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LLL Annual Conference

Imagining the learning community of tomorrow

LLL-Platform is organising its annual conference, entitled "Imagining the learning community of tomorrow". The learning community of tomorrow, what will it look like? The speed at which society has evolved in the last decades makes it difficult to conceive what might be happening in 10 years,...

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