It’s about Us, it’s about Europe!

Sixty-two European networks of associations and non-governmental organisations backed by 22 coalitions at the national level joined forces to form the European Year of Citizens Alliance 2013 (EYCA) with the aim of engaging civil society in a broad debate on what European citizenship means today, identifying the challenges ahead and formulating solutions.

One of the main aims of this wide cross-sector and transnational network is to ensure that active citizenship is understood as a lasting cross-cutting theme in European public policies. After a year long reflection and consultation process, the EYCA presents its key proposals for the reinforcement and enhancement of active citizenship in Europe.

These proposals are organised following a precise reasoning starting from our vision for Europe which is that of a Union based upon solidarity, equality and participation (Chapter 1). However this vision for Europe implies to ensure that vulnerable, marginalised and excluded citizens are equally involved and included in society, notably in terms of participation (Chapter 2) and to strengthen the three democratic pillars that are (a) education and information, (b) open and responsive institutions and (c) strong and independent civil society (Chapter 3).

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