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(February 11, 2020)
INCLUDE_guidelines_EN.pdf download Voir | Télécharger
Keywords: citizenship, elections, good practice, INCLUDE, Paris
Categories: Advocacy paper, English
(February 4, 2020)
INCLUDE_guidelines_FR_Web.pdf download Voir | Télécharger
Keywords: bonnes pratiques, citoyenneté, elections, INCLUDE, Paris, recommandations
Categories: Advocacy paper, Français
(December 4, 2019)
INT_ACTIVIZEN4_Web-1.pdf download Voir | Télécharger
Keywords: Activism, Civic Space, Comité Adama, Defender a quien Defiende, Koigi Eesti, Krakowski Alarm Smogowy, Linda Greta Zsiga, Mediterranea
Categories: Activizenship, Publications
(February 11, 2019)
ACTIVIZEN3_web-1.pdf download Voir | Télécharger
Keywords: citizenship, civil society, democracy, europe
Categories: Civic Participation, Civic Space, Publications
European Civic Forum(February 5, 2019)
Advocacy-report_Enabling-environment.pdf download Voir | Télécharger
Keywords: Advocacy, Civic Space, civil dialogue
Categories: Advocacy paper
(March 24, 2016)
ACTIVIZENSHIP_2_WEB1.pdf download Voir | Télécharger
Keywords: Activism, citizenship, democracy, europe, Values
Categories: Civic Space, English, Publications
(February 24, 2016)
Citizen-Rights-Policy-Report.pdf download Voir | Télécharger
Keywords: citizenship, democracy, EU, Rights
Categories: Civic Space, English
(November 26, 2015)
ECF-Manifesto.pdf download Voir | Télécharger
Categories: Civic Participation, Civil Dialogue
(November 26, 2015)
Its-about-us-its-about-Europe.pdf download Voir | Télécharger
(November 9, 2015)
activizenship_1.pdf download Voir | Télécharger
Keywords: activist, Activizenship, commons, grassroots
Categories: Publications FCE

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