Time to Make Europe Great for All


We are kicking-off the pan-European campaign for EU2019 elections: the #MEGAcampaign Between risk of disintegration and proposals for reform, Europe today is navigating through murky waters. Democratic representation is confronted to a crisis of legitimacy and a claim for accountability. Civil freedoms and Human rights are...

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Civic Space Watch – The Launch

Let's celebrate 2018 with the kick-off event of Civic Space Watch! The European Civic Forum (ECF) cordially invites you to the launch of its newest platform on Thursday 18 January 2018 at 6.30 p.m. Civic Space Watch is a new online tool to collect and organise...

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The future of EU citizenship – bEUcitizen

In 1992 the Treaty of Maastricht formally introduced the concept of European Union citizenship. Twenty-one years later the European Commission proclaimed 2013 the Year of European Citizens marking it with the publication of the report ‘EU citizens: your rights, your future’. This was inter alia...

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European Solidarity Corps Stakeholder Forum

On 12 April 2017, the European Solidarity Corps Stakeholder Forum will bring together national and European representatives of civil society organisations, authorities and other stakeholders to discuss the key issues related to the future development of the European Solidarity Corps. The European Solidarity Corps will offer volunteering and work...

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ECI Day 2016 – Forging change

Of the 56 ECIs submitted to date to the European Commission, only three succeeded in collecting over 1 million signatures – however, none of them was followed by a legislative proposal from the Commission. This necessarily gave rise to dissatisfaction among organisers and raises the...

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