EDITO – As elections loom, civil society secures a partial victory on the foreign interference directive.

The European Commission has delayed its plan to introduce a directive on foreign-funded organisations and will carry out a full impact assessment, following calls from civil society.







Op-ed: The EU is right, we must defend democracy. But foreign interference isn't the biggest threat.

Writing for Euronews, ECF co-presidents Raffaella Bolini and Jean-Marc Roirant explain why to defend democracy we need to protect civil society.



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Our research and advocacy team produce reports on a wide variety of topics – from why we need an EU Civil Society Strategy, to the impact of Covid-19 on fundamental rights, to our annual Civic Space Report.

Civic Space Report 2023

Towards Vibrant European Civic and Democratic Space

The implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on fundamental rights and civic space

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Civic Space Watch collects findings and analyses from actors in Europe on the conditions for civil society to operate, capturing national and trans-European trends in civic space.  Through ongoing monitoring of social media and regular contact and interviews with a strong network of members and partners on the ground, we strive to provide easy access to resources and improve information sharing within civil society across Europe  with, policy-makers and the media.