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The European Civic Forum acts for a civic and popular ownership of Europe


The  ECF participates in developing a European public space, notably by encouraging organisations’ experience sharing


The ECF acts towards the reinforcement of citizens’ participation political, economic, social and cultural life, which are key factors to a full commitment to democratic values.


The ECF aims at urging institutions to recognise organisations as spokespersons of citizens’ voice on a daily basis

Our missions

Our objectives are to build a genuine European civil dialogue, which is a prerequisite for a civic and popular ownership of European matters and which must be well anchored in institutions’ working methods.

Our Network

The European Civic Forum gathers more than one hundred NGOs and associations in 27 European countries, daily committed to the general interest in various areas. Find out all the network’s members.



The European Civic Space Watch is a collaborative, knowledge-sharing online tool powered by the European Civic Forum contributing to better observing the state of civic space across Europe by gathering together alerts from civil society, existing analyses and institutional resources.

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