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Solidarity protests with Palestinian people banned in at least 12 EU countries, finds new analysis, six months on from the horrific Hamas attack on 7 October

Protests banned on grounds of protecting ‘public order’ and ‘security’ Authorities have resorted to excessive force in multiple countries, including the use of pepper spray, kettling and the deployment of police dogs Palestinian flags and scarves also widely banned European and international NGOs urge the Commission to act on restrictions The European Civic Forum, Civil…...
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PRESS RELEASE: International NGOs call on Spanish court to drop terrorism accusations against Catalan activists

A group of European and international NGOs have urged the Spanish authorities to protect fundamental freedoms after a court launched an investigation into 12 Catalan activists, accusing them of terrorism. The call comes after a large gathering of journalists, civil society and trade unions took place in Barcelona in support of the 12. In a…...
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PRESS RELEASE: European Commission adopts problematic foreign funding directive, ignoring civil society warnings

Despite widespread concerns expressed by the European Civic Forum and hundreds of civil society organisations (CSOs) in consultations, meetings and letters, the European Commission has proposed a foreign funding directive as part of its Defence of Democracy package. The directive will create a register of entities that carry out “interest representation services” or activities on…...
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Join us for Civic Pride 2023: Celebrating everyday heroes of Human Rights!

At the core of our societies lie individuals and groups dedicated to ensuring that every person, regardless of circumstance, enjoys their fundamental human rights. We recognise and value the millions of actors, both formal and informal, who labour tirelessly for the effective access to rights for all.  The term "Civil Society” encapsulates a diverse range…...
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Announcing the winners of the 2023 Civic Pride Awards!

The European Civic Forum has announced the winners of its 2023 Civic Pride Awards! The awards recognise the inspiring work of civil society organisations and movements...
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EDITO: Fighting for democratic empowerment and resilience

Civil society is a cornerstone of democracy. But across the EU, NGOs are under pressure. In our Civic Space Report 2023, we explain why to create resilient democracies, we must empower civil society...
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