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Policy and advocacy reports

Civic Space Report 2023: Fighting for Democratic Empowerment and Resilience

Civil society is a cornerstone of democracy and rule of law. In the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine we are reminded that with few means and little power, in the context of conflicts, pandemics or natural disasters, civil society organisations and volunteers help people in need. They are often the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave. They advocate for the common good and to ensure laws are not driven by corporate interest and for-profit pursues.

But across the EU, NGOs, associations and movements are experiencing pressures and challenges faced with the erosion of democratic processes and breaches of the rule of law.

In our Civic Space Report 2023, we highlight similar trends and patterns of deterioration of civic freedoms emerging across Europe.

Towards Vibrant European Civic and Democratic Space

The implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on fundamental rights and civic space

Civic space in the European Rule of Law Framework

Towards an open, transparent and structured EU civil dialogue

2021 Rule of Law Report

Towards an enabling enivornment for civil society in Europe

Include project - Evaluation and good practices

Project include - Evaluation et bonnes pratiques

As state of democracy: Towards citizen rights protection in the EU


Launched in 2014, Activizenship is a magazine edited by the European Civic Forum, aiming to explore the potential of forms of civic, social and political activism and to capture current trends and transformations affecting the civil society environment in Europe.


Stories of hope in dark times


Stories from the lockdown


Success stories of resistance


Democracy under stress | Rights for all


Values | Democracy | Citizenship


Solidarity | Commons | From grassroots up


Make Europe Great for All

Equality, Solidarity, Democracy for Europe

Civic Spaces

Civic Spaces is European Civic Forum’s new podcast, where we sit down with those fighting for systemic change in Europe and beyond.

We aim not only to highlight issues and bring attention to shrinking civic space, but also to highlight inspiring stories of successful activism. Each episode focuses on a specific topic.

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Episode 1: Strategising for an open civic space in Europe

In our very first episode, we take you behind the scenes of our recent convening of civil society, donors and institutions. On the sides of the event, we chat to Yonous Muhammadi (Greek Forum of Refugees), Julie Arrildt (Global Focus), Benjamin Sourice (VoxPublic) and Tina Divjak (CNVOS). Plus, we sit down with European Civic Forum’s Research and Advocacy Coordinator Giada Negri to find out why we need a strategic approach for an open civic space in Europe.