Why join the ECF?

The European Civic Forum gathers together nearly 100 associations and NGOs in 29 European countries, working for the general interest in very diverse areas such as youth, popular education and culture, leisure activities, social action and environment, intercultural dialogue and equality between men and women, promotion of civic values and democracy, defence of Human rights. Beyond the diversity of their field of activities, these associations share the same willingness to find a common framework to stand and act for the emergence of a European public sphere.

How to join us

The members of the European Civic Forum believe it is important to promote the idea of a European Union based on equality, solidarity and democracy, as Europe’s construction cannot be reduced to a mere juxtaposition of national positions. If your organisation endorses these values, please complete the membership application below and return it, together with the statutes of your association to the ECF Secretariat. Your application will be then considered by the Board of directors and submitted to the general assembly’s approval.

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