The European Civic Forum (ECF) is a pan-European network gathering together more than 100 associations, big and small, across 29 European countries.

Become a member and work with us to protect civic space, enable participation and build civil dialogue for more equality, solidarity and democracy in Europe!


What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Scaling up

The European Civic Forum (ECF) has a strong network across Europe, which can give its members access to a wider range of resources and opportunities.

This can be particularly helpful for small or local NGOs that are looking to expand their reach but also for national and international organisations who can increase their efficiency and strength.


The ability to connect with other NGOs from across Europe to share knowledge and collaborate on new projects. The ECF provides a number of opportunities for its members to connect with each other, including through its annual conference, online forums, and working groups.

This can help members to build relationships with other NGOs, which can lead to new partnerships and collaborations.

Access to training and resources

The ECF offers a range of training and resources to its members, including on topics such as fundraising, advocacy, and campaigning.

This can help members to build their capacity and improve their effectiveness, learn from each other, share best practices, and develop new partnerships.

Advocacy support

The ECF advocates for the interests of its members at the European level.

This includes working to influence EU policy and legislation and raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing civil society.


Whether you need support for a campaign in an urgent situation, need access to our annual micro-grants programme or simply need to get a message across asking for solidarity to a network of over 100 European organisations, ECF can help you.

How do I sign up?


Do you share our values and convictions? Don’t hesitate, join the European Civic Forum!

To be eligible, you must be a legal entity (national association or NGO, European network or inter-associative national platform) and agree with our statutes, vision, objectives and manifestos. The annual ECF membership fee amounts to €100.

To initiate your membership application, you will first schedule a video call with our Network Development Coordinator, João Labrincha ( During this call, João will guide you through the application process. Following the call, you’ll receive access to the application form.

The form will ask for details about your organisation, including:

    • Objectives
    • Areas and levels of activity (local, regional, national, European)
    • Target groups
    • Member and/or partner information
    • Your expectations for participation in the ECF
    • The value your organisation would bring to the ECF
    • A letter of intent

Membership of the European Civic Forum requires nomination by the Board of Directors. This nomination is based on a two-thirds majority vote (applicants cannot appeal the decision of the Board of Directors). Following Board approval, ratification by the Annual General Assembly is necessary. Once approved by the Board, you will be invited to the Annual General Assembly to present your organisation to the network.