Our members

European Civic Forum (ECF) is a pan-European network of more than 100 associations and NGOs across 29 European countries. Our members include big federations of associations deeply rooted in local constituencies, national platforms of NGOs uniting hundreds of thousands of NGOs, human rights and campaigning organisations, but also smaller groups working at community level or engaging with the public on local issues.

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A Buon Diritto

A Buon Diritto Onlus was founded in 2010 to promote issues concerning the exercise of rights recognised by Italian law, but which in practice are not properly guaranteed.

Academia Cidadã

The motto of Citizenship Academy was launched by the people who organized the “Geração à rasca” (“distressed generation”) protest, which happened on the 12th of March 2011.

Alfa Centar

The non-governmental organization ALFA Center was founded in October 2006. The goals of the organization are to promote and represent the position that all citizens have the right to a peaceful, safe and dignified life.


Since 1996, Animafac, the network of student associations, has been supporting student associations and the individuals who run them in carrying out their projects.


Hundreds of thousands of members and many associations, clubs, people's houses, mutual aid societies throughout Italy.

AEGEE Europe

AEGEE is one of Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary student organisations. Founded in 1985 in Paris, today AEGEE has grown to a Network of 13000 AEGEEans, present in 161 cities in 40 countries all over Europe.

Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement

The BBE is a nationwide network linking organizations and associations from the third sector (non-profit organizations) and civil society, from business and work life and federal and community institutions.

Cap Magellan

Founded in Paris in 1991, Cap Magellan is the first association of young Portuguese speakers and Lusophiles who share the same desire to promote the Portuguese language and Lusophone culture.

Civic Alliance

The Civic Alliance – Latvia (CAL) is the largest umbrella organization that advocates for non-governmental sector (NGO) interests.

CIDEM - Civisme et Démocratie

In 2021, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs has designated CIDEM as the National Contact Point for the "CERV" programme.


CIPSI is a national coordination, established in 1985, that brings together 41 non-governmental development organisations (NGOs) and associations working in the field of solidarity and international co-operation.

Democracy International

We want to realise more direct democracy. We have enough of decisions taken by a small circle of politicians behind closed doors.

Communauté Ivoirienne de la Grèce

The Ivorian Community of Greece works to support migrants in Greece.

Institut za razvoj na zaednicata

North Macedonia
National umbrella association for sustainable development, education and social services.

Zavod center za informiranje, sodelovanje in razvoj nevladnih organizacij - CNVOS

CNVOS is the umbrella network of Slovenian NGOs. It brings together more than 1500 networks, associations and individual NGOs.

The ECI Campaign

The ECI Campaign for the successful introduction and implementation of the European Citizens' Initiative right.

Europa Haz

The House of Europe Association was founded in March 1990 in Budapest. As a civil initiative, it aims to: (a) contribute specific means to a civil society organisation; Hungary to its ever fuller participation in European integration processes, help promote society's commitment to the European Union strengthening the opportunities offered by full EU membership Exploitation; (b) organize programs that are suitable for strengthening and socio-political recognition of civil society in Hungary, recognise the importance of cooperation within the civil sector and to promote action.

Fédération de Paris - Ligue de l'Enseignement

In all its actions, the Paris Federation of the Ligue de l'enseignement is inspired by the secular ideal and contributes to ensuring its influence.

Fédération Française des Maisons de l'Europe

The FFME, through the Maisons de l'Europe, aims to contribute to the foundation of European citizenship.

Fundación Cives

Fundación Educativa y Asistencial Cives works for the achievement of full citizenship in a social and democratic state governed by the rule of law.

Fundacja na rzecz Collegium Polonicum

The Foundation Collegium Polonicum was established in October 2002, based on active cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder).

Fundatia pentru Dezvoltarea Societatii Civile

The Foundation for the Development of Civil Society (FDSC) is a non-governmental, independent organization, founded in 1994, as part of an initiative of the European Commission.

Greek Forum of Refugees

We provide proper information to asylum seekers, refugees, migrants of first and second generation and stateless people about their rights and obligations to the host society.


Gong is a non-partisan citizens' association founded in 1997 to encourage citizens to participate more actively in political processes.

Human Rights Cities Network

HRCN connects inspiring cities’ initiatives in Europe, encourages human rights-based local policies, and reinforces the development of the human rights cities’ movement at local, regional and global level. By doing so, the network fosters a human rights city community of practices.

Initiative for Development and Cooperation

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to social and economic inclusion of vulnerable groups of people and protection of their human rights.

Bündnis Für Gemeinnütizgkeit

We effectively represent the common interests of non-profit organizations in politics, state and business in Austria!

Instytut Spraw Publicznych

Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) is a leading Polish think tank and an independent centre for policy research and analysis, established in 1995.

Jeunes Européens


Ligue des droits de l'homme

La Ligue des droits de l'homme est une association de défense des droits humains se donnant pour objectif d'observer, défendre et promulguer les droits de l'homme au sein de la République française dans toutes les sphères de la vie publique.

Ligue de l'Enseignement

A secular movement for popular education, the Ligue de l'enseignement offers educational, cultural, sports and leisure activities.


A network committed "against" the mafias, corruption and criminality that feed them.

Maison de l'Europe Paris

Because we need a European public space, the association offers Parisians and Ile-de-France residents the opportunity to experience Europe on a daily basis.

Le Mouvement Assocatif

We work to enable associations to move forward to promote the development of a policy of associative life that meets the challenges and to move towards a fairer, more sustainable and more humane society.

Movimento Europeo

The Italian Council of the European Movement (CIME), founded for the first time in 1948, is an expression of all democratic forces.

Nacionaliné NVO Koalicija

National Coalition of NGOs is the only national ‘umbrella of umbrellas’ in Lithuania, representing 16 biggest national umbrella and national organisations from different working fields.

Netwerk Democratie

The world is changing irrevocably: social and technological developments are changing the way people connect with each other, with society and government.

New Europeans

Award-winning international civil rights movement working to safeguard democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Europe.

Information and support center for non-governmental organizations - NISC

The charity and support fund "Non-Governmental Organizations Information and Support Center" (NIPC) was registered at the Ministry of Justice on December 4, 1995.


Through the use of nonviolent action, NOVACT struggles to achieve a society based on human security and nonviolence.

NYt Europa

Nyt Europa is a Danish organization founded in 1998 with the overall objective to promote civic engagement on a Danish and European level.

Ogólnopolska Federacja Organizacji Pozarządowych

A politically independent and non-governmental organization with 136 member organizations in Poland.

Ökotars alapitvany

By supporting community initiatives, the Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation aims at contributing to the development of a democratic, sustainable and equitable society and an institutional system based on citizen participation.

Omnium Cultural

We carry out cultural projects in order to boost social transformation through education.

Fundacja Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet

We are a grassroots, independent social movement of pissed-off women and sensible men who support us.

Pour la Solidarité

Think & do tank européen indépendant engagé en faveur d'une Europe solidaire et durable.


RECLAIM is a newly established NGO that works to amplify the voices of European civil society.


SMART strengthens the capacities of organizations by conducting training workshops, consultations and technical assistance.


Czech Republic
Spiralis is a Prague-based non-governmental organization that develops collaboration opportunities in the Czech Republic for a strong, vibrant, healthy, and sustainable democratic civil society.


Promoting social justice through active citizenship and volunteering.

We Are Europe

We Are Europe! is a group of European citizens from 25 different countries who want to put the citizen back into the democratic heart of Europe.

The Wheel

We are Ireland's national association of community and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises.


A Praça

We stimulate thinking and practices around a transversal vision between art, democracy, citizenship, and technology, which have as an objective the integral and sustainable development of communities and territories.

Association nationale des conseils d'enfants et de jeunes

The Association nationale des conseils d’enfants et de jeunes is a national network of actors and elected representatives of children and youth. Founded in 1991 to promote the participation of children and young people in public decision-making and to support local authorities in implementing these approaches.

Anne Frank Stichting

The Anne Frank Foundation is a foundation in the Netherlands originally established to maintain the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Asociace NNO V Ceske Republice

Czech Republic
We are an all-industry umbrella organisation of NGOs with a regional structure, regularly invited as a partner to government meetings in various areas of public administration.

Asociace Obcanskych Poraden

Czech Republic
The Association of Citizens' Advice Centres is the successor organisation of the Association for the Establishment of a Network of Citizens' Advice Centres, which was founded in 1997.

Asociatia Pro Democratia

A non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization, founded in 1990, APD currently has 31 clubs in which more than 1000 citizens (volunteers and members) are active.

Asociácia frankofónnych študentov EFPOLIT

The Association of Francophone Students EFPOLIT was founded as an independent non-profit organization by students of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica in 1998.

Association Européenne des Enseignants - AEDE France

We are an association governed by the French Law of 1901, composed entirely of volunteers: a network of teachers, headmasters, inspectors, educators and parents.

Association for Democratic Initiatives

North Macedonia
ADI is a multi-ethnic organization devoted to building a civic society in Macedonia and the region.


Support the economic and social empowerment of the less privileged through access to education, employment and information, better health, and reduced inequality.

Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej

For 28 years we have been creating programmes that inspire change in schools. They benefit 40,000 teachers and principals from 10,000 schools across Poland.

Centrum per Europsku Politiku

At the Center for European Politics, we have long been dedicated to learning about the integration process in Europe, strengthening active citizenship and preventing the radicalism of young people.

Citizens Union Paremvassi

The Citizens' Union PAREMVASSI is a non-profit, non-party citizens' association, founded in 1995.


Civica is an association of public actors, with network of citizens and local elected representatives, working for the civic education and participation of all.

Confédération des maisons des jeunes et de la culture – CMJC

In the heart of the city, in towns, neighbourhoods and villages, the Youth and Culture Centres and local associations of the CMJCF network weave day after day this social link which has gradually broken down.

Conseil des Mariannes de la République

The Conseil des Mariannes de la République's primary objectives are to defend the rights of women and minorities.

Culture et Liberté

A popular education movement that aims to contribute to the construction of a society in which the social, cultural, economic, ecological and political rights of women and men are central priorities.


DOCUMENTA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to applied social research, whose mission is the implementation of sustainable local development models in intelligent territories.

European Institute

An independent Bulgarian civil-society organisation and policy & research centre, leading in interdisciplinary European Union studies and policies.

Fédération Nationale des Francas

Since 1944, the Francas have brought together men and women concerned with social emancipation for children and young people, pioneers of new fields of activity and often precursors.

Stefan Batory Foundation

The Batory Foundation works for the development of democracy and civil society.

Gruppi Di Solidarietà Internazionale - GSI

GSI is a non-governmental organisation for international cooperation and territorial solidarity founded in 1997.

Jaan Tõnisson Institute

Jaan Tõnisson Institute is a non-governmental organization established in 17th of April 1991. The mission of JTI is to contribute to the development of democracy and to consolidate civic society.

Jeunesse au Plein Air

In France, secularism is a republican principle. The associations, organisers of stays, leisure activities, scouting and training camps, members of the Jeunesse au Plein Air, carry these secular values.

Johannes Mihkelsoni Keskus

We are a training and development centre whose main objective remains the same - to contribute to the balanced and democratic development of Estonia.

Kesälukioseura ry

The Summer High School Association (Kesälukioseura ry) was established in 1965 to provide an alternative for traditional secondary school education.


Krétakör (Chalk Circle) is a centre for contemporary arts and a production company, which creates creative community games by using experiences of social sciences.


We are a non-profit association, made up of citizens who care about environmental protection in all its forms, quality of life, and a fairer, more just and supportive society.

Liga Espanola de la educacion

The Liga Española de la Educación y la Cultura Popular is an independent and secular NGO, created in 1986 to serve common objectives of general interest.

La Ligue Luxembouregoise de l'Enseignement

An organisation which aims to defend and promote public schools, popular and continuing education and a secular society.

Ministarstvo Prostora

The collective was founded in 2011 in the desire to contribute to the democratic and fair development of cities.

Mouvement ATD Quart Monde

ATD Quart Monde France aim is to eradicate poverty to enable everyone to live in equal dignity.

Mouvement Rural de Jeunesse Chrétienne

The MRJC is an association for youth and popular education in rural areas. 3000 young people meet regularly in teams on their territory;

National Council for Voluntary Organisations

United Kingdom
We’re the membership community for charities, voluntary organisations and community groups in England. Together we champion voluntary action.

Občan, demokracia a zodpovednosť

Our ambition is to make sure that human rights belong to the people and that the public authorities promote and protect them.

Volunteering Matters

United Kingdom
Volunteering Matters is the leading UK volunteering charity engaging more than 20000 volunteers each year through over 100 programmes.

Pravni center za varstvo človekovih pravic in okolja

We help individuals and vulnerable groups protect their fundamental rights and strengthen NGOs influence of in the field of environmental protection and spatial planning through legal assistance, advocacy and legal analysis.


North Macedonia
SONCE is an established organization on international and national level, which actively contributes to civic integration and equal practice of Roma democratic rights and opportunities.

Scottish Council for Volunteering Organisations

United Kingdom
The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) is the national membership organisation for the voluntary sector.

Terra Maison de l’Europe de la Charente

We are a non-profit organisation, created in 2004 by youth workers and volunteers who wanted to involve more young people.

Women's Centre Derry

United Kingdom
Women's Centre Derry is a dynamic educational organisation. we are a safe and welcoming space for women and women's organisations in the North West.

Youth Work

Youth Work Ireland is the largest youth organisation in Ireland. We are made up of 20 Local Member Youth Services and a national office.

Związek Młodzieży Wiejskiej

The Union of Rural Youth is an organisation for people up to the age of 35. It has been active nationally since 1928, representing the interests of young people from rural areas and small towns.