Civic Pride – celebrating activism.


With our civic pride campaign, we celebrate activism.

Our the years, our campaign has taken different themes and forms, from ensuring no one was left behind during the pandemic to making Europe great for all.

But our core motivation remains the same: to celebrate inspiring activists and movements who stand up for democracy, solidarity and fundamental rights.


Civic Pride Awards

Every year, the European Civic Forum presents Civic Pride Awards to outstanding activists, movements and civil society organisations across Europe.

This year’s winners represent a diverse range of issues and communities. Out of 123 applications for the European Civic Academy, the Selection Committee selected three outstanding stories to receive a Civic Pride Award: TGEU, Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem (“I want to help refugees”) from Latvia, and the Saami Council and the Indigenous Sámi rights movement from Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia.

Additionally, a special commendation was given to the Hungarian Teachers’ Movement, fighting for public education.

The awards were presented at a ceremony in Brussels on 18 September 2023. 

Previous editions

Civic Pride Awards 2021

The Civic Pride Awards 2021 celebrated six outstanding civic initiatives from different EU countries: Civilizáció coalition from Hungary, Union des Sans-Papiers pour la régularisation from Belgium, Observatoires des pratiques policières from France,  Deystvie & Denitsa Lyubenova from Bulgaria, National Federation of NGOs (OFOP) & Shipyard Foundation from Poland, and Action Aid Denmark, Amnesty International Denmark & Nyt Europa from Denmark. Their stories are all collected in Activizenship #6: Stories of hope in dark times.  

Civic Pride Awards 2020

The Civic Pride Awards 2020 aimed at discovering and collecting inspiring stories of activists, associations, movements or groups of citizens who were organising and making policy proposals to ensure rights were at the centre of the response amid the COVID-19 crisis, in face of a restricted civic space. Seven winners were chosen: We Are Fair – Czech Republic, The Greek Forum of Refugees, Women on the Road Foundation – Poland, Citizen protests – Slovenia, SEDOAC, the Active Domestic Service Association – Spain, The Wheel – Ireland and #Unteilbar (Indivisible) – Germany. Their stories are all collected in Activizenship #5 – Stories from the lockdown.

Watch the Civic Pride 2020 videos!

Civic Pride Awards 2019

The 2019 Civic Pride Awards highlighted remarkable stories of resistance. This year’s winners were Mediterranea – Saving Humans, from Italy; Defender a Quien Defiende, from Spain; Comité justice et vérité pour Adama, from France; Kõigi Eesti, from Estonia; Linda Greta Zsiga, from Romania, and Krakow Smong Alert from Poland.

Their stories were collected in the fourth edition of Activizenship.