The European Civic Forum (ECF) is providing a permanent space for European civic actors to connect, exchange ideas and experience, organise transnationally and cross-sectorally, coordinate campaigns and interact with the institutional sphere to bring about citizens’ voice in the European democratic processes.

Over the years, the ECF members, learning from each other’s experiences, have crafted together a common understanding of the challenges facing European civil society and a common vision on the future of the European Union based on inclusion, equality, solidarity and democracy for all.

News from the network


As a cross-cutting network of organisations, with a broad regional scope, the European Civic Forum wants to offer its member organisations a better sharing of knowledge, good practices and other relevant resources. Members have a dedicated space to chat, share news, events and much more.

Our Network

Beyond the diversity of their field of activities, these associations share the same willingness to find a common framework to stand and act for the emergence of a European public sphere. Amplify your voice by joining with others who share your values and vision of a Europe based on
Solidarity, Equality and Democracy for ALL