General Assembly

The European Civic Forum (ECF) is governed by a General Assembly (GA) of nearly 100 members from 29 European countries.

The General Assembly meets at least once a year and takes statutory decisions by majority of present or represented (by proxy) members.

Board of directors

The Board of Directors is mainly constituted by representatives of associations or national federations and composed at least of 18 and maximum 36 members coming from the majority of member states of the European Union.

The Board is responsible for implementing the GA decisions, for defining the overall strategy, work plan and budget.

Steering Committee

The ECF Steering Committee ensures the political representation of the network, mainly regarding the adoption of institutional statements and other strategic developments.

It liaises on a regular basis with the Secretariat, overseeing and supporting them in the day-to-day management of ECF activities and finances.

Jean-Marc Roirant

ECF Co-President
Ligue de l'Engseignement

Raffaella Bolini

ECF Co-President

Oonagh Aitken

ECF Treasurer
Volunteering Matters

Jan Robert Suesser

ECF Vice President
Ligue des droits de l'Homme France

Filip Pazderski

ECF Vice President
Institute of Public Affairs

Karolina Dreszer-Smalec

ECF Vice President

Roger Casale

ECF Vice President
New Europeans

Yonous Muhammadi

ECF Vice President
Greek Forum of Refugees