European Elections 2024: Democracy, Solidarity, Rights – FOR ALL!

In 6-9 June, voters in the 27 EU Member States will go to the polls to elect new Members of the European Parliament. The outcome of these elections will have a huge impact on EU laws for the coming five years.

In the face of multiple crises, some seek to divide us. The European Civic Forum has one clear message: There is another way!


Vote for a Europe of Democracy, Solidarity and Rights for ALL!

To earn people’s trust we must build a future different from the past

Over the last five years, people in Europe and around the world have faced a series of crises. Life has become more difficult, and many are left with deep fears for their futures.

Anti-democratic forces seek to exploit these anxieties and divide our societies.


By listening to people’s concerns and delivering on their needs, our representatives can build a different future and regain trust.

Peace, justice, and human, social and environmental security should be the core principles and values guiding EU policies.

Civil society organisations work towards these goals every day, often stretching way beyond their means to assist those in need. To build a future different from the past, they must be recognised as key partners.

Civil Society for EU

Civil society organisations play a key role in our democracies. They promote and protect fundamental rights, ensure underrepresented voices are heard, and help to enable governments and institutions to respond to people’s needs. However, their role is not always recognised, and they face an increasing number of challenges.

That’s why we teamed up with a large number of CSOs to form the Civil Society for EU campaign. Taking forward the outcomes from our 2022 civic space convening, we’re calling on the future MEPs to commit to supporting civil society through a Civil Society Strategy and a Civil Dialogue agreement.


A Civil Society Strategy

While some encouraging measures have been taken at the European level in support of civic actors, these will have limited impact in countering the shrinking civic space if there is no comprehensive EU strategy dedicated to civil society.

To fill the gaps in existing policies and to mainstream positive practices, we call on the EU institutions to develop a Civil Society Strategy aimed at strengthening civil society organisations (CSOs) and human rights defenders and at protecting them from attacks and smear campaigns, with the following key areas:

  • A safe and enabling environment for civil society
  • An EU protection mechanism for human rights defenders
  • Adequate funding

A Civil Dialogue agreement

CSOs play a vital role in our societies. They represent diverse groups of people and provide a channel for participation in political life outside of the election cycle. That’s why we believe civil dialogue – the engagement between civil society and policymakers – is essential for building strong democracies that deliver on people’s needs.

We’re calling for the EU institutions to conclude a civil dialogue agreement, recognising civil dialogue as an essential element of European participatory democracy. This agreement should be developed in cooperation with civil society, to ensure it fully reflects its needs. It should aim to harmonise standards for civil dialogue across EU institutions and Member States, so that every opportunity for civil dialogue leads to quality engagement.

How can I take part?

As a civil society organisation


  • Endorse the Civil Society for EU Manifesto 
  • Ask candidates to sign the Civil Society for EU pledge
  • Call on parties and candidates to support our demands for a Europe of Democracy, Solidarity and Rights for All!
  • Get out the vote!


As an individual


  • Ask your candidates to sign the Civil Society for EU pledge
  • Spread the word: There is another way!
    • Vote for a Europe of Democracy, Solidarity and Rights for All!