AI Act: Five steps to a truly rights-based law.

13 June 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

Ahead of the Artificial Intelligence Act in the European Parliament on 14 June, we’re calling on MEPs to protect fundamental rights. Here’s how to do so.


MEPs should vote to:

  1. Uphold fundamental rights protections introduced by the committees
  2. Ban mass surveillance practices, including Remote Biometric Identification and social scoring
  3. Introduce a strong complaints and representation system
  4. Protect migrants and refugees from harmful and discriminatory technologies
  5. Introduce transparency requirements on the environmental impacts of AI systems


In order  to achieve these aims, MEPs should vote:

…in favour of the following amendments:

Committee Text Adopt Committee text +
220-223 Maintain committee position on Remote Biometric Identification +
772 Profiling and risk assessment systems in the context of migration +
773 Predictive analytics/ forecasting in migration contexts +
776, 790 Automated behaviour monitoring in public spaces +
229 D Full RBI ban, removal of exceptions +
780 Forecasting and predicting systems used to interdict, curtail and prefer individual or collective border movements +
781 High risk AI systems +
297 Environmental impact of high risk systems +
785 Representation of natural persons and the right for public interest organisations to lodge a complaint with a national supervisory authority +
786 Right to explanation for affected persons for all AI systems +
630 Right to explanation for high risk systems If 786 falls, maintain 630
733 High risk systems in migration +
RCV text +


…and against the below


793, 794 Social scoring – 
802 Derogation from ban on real time RBI
801 Derogation by Member States from real time RBI ban
807D High risk systems in migration