Civicus Monitor

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The ECF to take part in a worldwide monitoring of civic space

The Civicus Monitor is a new research collaboration between CIVICUS, the European Civic Forum and other partners worldwide.

The CM web platform will provide up to date information on civic space and civic activism worldwide.

You can contribute to the Civicus Monitor by providing updates on your country! It’s simple, fast and will help us build a stronger case of civic space!

The Civicus Monitor aims to be a reactive advocacy and awareness-raising tool for all civil society organisations involved in defending civic space and civil rights in the world. Besides, it aims to reach governments, journalists, academics and the general public by providing up-to-date and reliable information;

This projects stems from the crucial need identified by CIVICUS and its members to monitor and to try to reverse the current worrying trend of closing civic space all across the world.

Information that composes the final rating of each country will be gathered through 8 different sources of information. The most important source is information provided by grassroots civil society organisations operating in each country (a more detailed explanation of the methodology can be found here.)

Each country will see its civic space analysed under the light of the three core freedom: freedom of expression, freedom to peaceful assembly and freedom of association. Each country’s civic space will be labelled on a five level scale: closed, repressed, obstructed, narrowed or open.

Several mechanisms such as a watch list and an early warning system will allow a finer understanding and monitoring of each country.

The European Civic Forum is one of the European partners for the project and will cover 9 countries thanks to its members and partner organisations. ECF will provide information from Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, France, Luxembourg and Belgium (Wallonia).

  Go to the platform!

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