European Movement Italy – On the European elections and reform

04 May 2023 | Members' Corner

By European Movement Italy

The European Movement in Italy

  • Supports the action of the European Parliament to go beyond the Treaty of Lisbon signed more than fifteen years ago.
  • Supports its demands of transnational lists, gender balance, active right to vote for young people sixteen years old and a common date of the European election the 9th of May 2024.
  • Strongly demands that the European Union gives the active right to vote for the people of third countries legally living in the European Union.
  • Is convinced that the reform of the European Union must go ahead the enlargement of the new members in the Western Balkans and in Eastern Europe.
  • Confirms its belief that the method of intergovernmental negotiations to modify the treaties is undemocratic and ineffective.
  • Raises awareness on the risks of a traditional convention where the powers stay in the hands of the intergovernmental negotiations and where the role of civil society is reduced to an inacceptable minimum.
  • Thinks that the only democratic way to go beyond the Treaty of Lisbon and establish a Federal Community should be based on the leading/constituent role of the European Parliament in cooperation with the national parliaments and in a permanent dialogue with the civil society.
  • Is convinced that the debate of the reform of the European Union should be one of the main priorities of the European electoral campaign and that the concrete process of the reform of the European Union should start after the European election with a new European Parliament and a new European Commission.

Suggests that the civil society organizations launch a series of European Citizens Initiatives during the European electoral  campaign with the aim to empower the role of the European citizens and to influence the legislative program of the new European Commission in the fields of European public goods, an ambitious North/South policy to go beyond the migration emergency measures and the respect of the rule of law.

Rome, 26 April, 2023