Fundacion Cives: In 2024, thousands of mailboxes will be filled with messages of solidarity thanks to the European SAY project

31 January 2024 | Members' Corner

Project ‘SAY’, which stands for “Solidarity is About Youth,” is a series of initiatives set to begin in six countries with the help of six educational organizations. The organization spearheading the project is La Ligue de L’Enseignement (France), and the partner organizations are as follows: La Fundación Educativa y Asistencial CIVES (Spain), DruštvoHumanitas – Center zaglobalno učenje in sodelovanje (Slovenia), UdrugeCentarZaMirovneStudije (Croatia), FundacjaSzkola Z Klasa (Poland), and Arci A.P.S (Italy).

The project’s objectives are to promote European values through better cultural, artistic, and citizenship education in six European countries, Spain being among them. The goal is for children to learn valuable skills that will help them better understand the world and become active citizens. The program will also support teachers with new resources and tools. This includes new training and files, workshops, events at both the national and European levels, and the creation of a new European website where all resources can be located. For children, activities include creative writing workshops, an exercise in which they write postcards with messages of solidarity to be sent across Europe, and a photo contest followed by a subsequent exhibition.

In summary, the intended results of this project are an increase in project-based teaching skills, the development of children’s critical thinking, and the continued development of a closer European community with shared values and clear communication. This is incredibly important in today’s climate, where we must work to combat discrimination and teach the next generation to work together.

At the current moment, we are finishing up the toolkit design in order to begin implementing the workshops. On March 21st, 2024, which is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, almost 150.000 postcards written by children will be sent, like bottles in the sea, to unknown recipients. Each of these postcards will include a message of fraternity produced during a writing workshop.

Schools or educational centers interested in participating (Spain) can write to