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25 March 2024 | Members' Corner

Upcoming event from project IRIS Progress

Balkan caravan – Best HR and social inclusion practices promotion

IRIS network will organize this summer Balkan caravan which presents seven days of different events in six countries in Western Balkan region. Events will be hosted by local member organizations of network in form of street actions, cultural/entertaining content, workshops, presentations and more. Aim of this interactive event is to raise awareness about work, purpose and products of this organizations and to involve public more in this kind of activities.

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News from project Reintegrate II

We are in the middle of the project ,, Reintegrate II – Final support to the sustainable (re)integration of returnees in Serbia” through which we provide locally vulnerable population in Central and Southern Serbia with business startup programs, psychosocial support and institutional support.

In addition to supporting the employment of unemployed persons from the more difficult to employ categories with a well-known employer, support is provided through the provision of subsidies for self-employment, various business trainings for specific professions; support for children and young people. Project includes the implementation of inclusive workshops, creative and entertaining activities that are organized in beneficiary towns. Project aim is also development of institutional capacities in the field of social protection at the local level.

Beneficiary regions: Pirotski – Pirot, Rasinski – Kruševac and Raški – Novi Pazar.

This week, through grants, equipment was delivered to beneficiary regions with the aim of economic empowerment, where 11 beneficiaries from Novi Pazar and 20 beneficiaries from Kruševac and Pirot received equipment for self-employment or work improvement. In addition to the grants, the beneficiaries also received mentoring support and counseling for the most successful performance of their activities. Moreover, all beneficiaries expressed their willingness to register their business in their applications. Such small grants are particularly important because they allow flexibility in the use of funds, adaptation to the specific needs of each beneficiary and contribute to a personalized approach to support and increase the chances of success in business.

Contribution to the development of these activities encourages the variety of services offered in the community and contributes to economic growth, and investment in the local market is a key initiative aimed at supporting economic development and social inclusion of groups that are more difficult to employ.

The project “Reintegrate II – further support for the sustainable (re)integration of returnees to Serbia” was financed by the Federal Ministry for Development and Cooperation of the Federal Republic of Germany – BMZ Bundesministerium fur virtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ). The project holder is ASB South East Europe, the implementation partner IDC Serbia, and the beneficiary regions are – Pirotski, Rasinski and Raški.

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