Tech for Democracy 2021

04 November 2021 | Campaign, Members' Corner


Technology and digitalisation have contributed greatly to global democracy, the fight for human rights and a more just and equal world. However, technology is also used as a tool to counteract democracy and misuse power. Civil society and human rights defenders around the world are often main targets of digital crackdowns, surveillance and censorship.

Digital solutions can promote human rights, bring people closer to the decisions that influence their lives and make democratic institutions stronger and more responsive. Yet online, expectations and aspirations for democracy have not fully been met. Digital technologies pose a severe threat to democracies globally and our democratic practices.

This calls for joint action.

In November 2021, we will kick-off a multi-stakeholder dialogue and lay the ground for a year of action with our Days of Action and a big, virtual conference on 18 November.

Join us – see the program and sign up for virtual participation on 18 November.

On 8-12 November 2021 Global Focus will gather civil society from around the world during five Days of Action for virtual dialogue. During the five Days of Action global, national and local organisations, activist groups, academia, media, protest movements, multilateral institutions, private sector, and governments will come together to discuss specific solutions for how tech can support democracy and human rights globally. We invite you to actively participate in debates, as well as join potential multistakeholder Action Coalitions which will continue working with and implement the identified solutions.


Digital technologies can foster and widen democratic and inclusive societies. It can bring people together and closer to the decisions that influence their lives. Yet, at the same time, digital technologies are a severe threat to democracies globally and our democratic practices. We see this through issues such as the criminalization of online activism, mass surveillance, internet shutdowns, etc. This calls for joint action. We must find ways to make technology work FOR, not against, democracy and human rights.

Global Focus is an association of Danish non-governmental organizations that are engaged in global development, environmental and humanitarian activities working to inform the Tech for Democracy initiative to be based on solutions needed around the world. Therefore, we would really appreciate your support through answering the following survey: