Volonteurope: FLOW Project Workshops and Youth Advisory Board

29 March 2023 | Members' Corner

Volonteurope would like to share an information with its members and partners on a new EU Horizon Project, FLOW (Future Lives with Oceans and Water). Briefly, the project was kicked off in January 2023 and Radboud University coordinates the project. UiT the Arctic University of Norway and Fraunhofer ISI are other project partners.

Briefly, the FLOW project aims to increase understanding of the connection that youths have with oceans, seas and waters. More, by combining transdisciplinary methods -horizon scanning, ethnographic fieldwork, and experiential futures workshop-in an innovative way, FLOW engages youths in intergenerational and transdisciplinary research. More information can be found on the project’s website, flowhorizon.eu!

Under the project, 7 workshops in 7 different geographic regions of Europe will be organising by inviting approx. 25 young people attending each of them, and Volonteurope would like to engage in members and partners to their input and invite them and the youths they work with to join in. All expenses, travel costs and accommodation for the youths that will attend will be covered through the project.

Besides, the project consortium will select 14 young people for our Youth Advisory Board, 2 per region, advising the consortium throughout the project and overseeing the project’s work, and these young people will have the chance to meet each other and attend the workshops in different regions. To establish the Youth Advisory Board, Volonteurope will soon have an open call on the project’s social media accounts to invite young people from different regions to be part of it. Therefore, it would be so nice to have the members and partners following the social media channels of the project and thinking of possible candidates to put forward. You can find these channels right below.

Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Mastodon | Instagram | Tiktok

Lastly, Volonteurope plans to have some input from the members and partners’ work in different communities/regions/countries. So, simply, by filling in this form, you can provide us with the info on your work on youths and their connections to water, seas and oceans. This is crucial because the project consortium have started collecting information from different countries on these connections.

The form can be found here.