21 April 2020 | Position

Humanity is going through an unprecedented crisis, with a lot of suffering, sacrifice, pain and drastic changes in our daily life. The crisis gives us many lessons for the future. The European Civic Forum (ECF) proposes these ten.

Lesson one: Our security depends on the others’ security

We need universal health and social protection for everybody in our society and all over the world.


Lesson two: We are all vulnerable and our destiny is interwoven.

Solidarity, equality, rights and caring must be at the base of international relations and every days’ reality.


Lesson three: The common good exists

Public institutions must serve, protect and implement the common good, not particular interests.


Lesson four: Democracy is the crucial antivirus we all need

Citizens’ awareness, civic participation, trustworthy information, public research and education, transparent institutions ensure the public good.


Lesson five: The global market system failed

We have to relocalize production, implement circular economy, and have a universal basic income for all.


Lesson six: We are the earth’s custodians, not its owners

Nature is using our lockdown to recover our damages. We must return to the world with ecological justice.


Lesson seven: Essential workers are real heroes. Women are at the forefront

Their contribution has to be recognized in the social hierarchy, the invisible ones must fully access their rights.


Lesson eight: Time has to slow down

Lockdown forced us to give full place to social bonds, patience, compassion: we have to keep this in the long run.


Lesson nine: We need human, social, ecological security

We commit ourselves for a just recovery and a just transition in our country, in Europe and all over the world.


Lesson ten: The future must be different from the past

We need to learn from the Lessons and act together.



ECF is a European network gathering over 100 associations across 28 countries in Europe. We promote the #MEGA Campaign (Make Europe Great for All),  Civic Space Watch, and work for the implementation of Art.11 of the Treaty of the European Union, that provides for participatory democracy and a real civic dialogue among institutions and civil society’s associations.

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