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Jean-Marc Roirant – President, secretary general of the French Ligue de l’Enseignement

Jean-Marc is the Secretary General of the French Confederation of the ‘Ligue de l’Enseignement’. He was elected in 1993, after having chaired the local Federation of Charente-Maritime from 1983 until 1993. Jean-Marc Roirant was re-elected at the last General Assembly of the Confederation.
As President of the association CIDEM (Civisme et Démocratie), Jean-Marc Roirant founded the European Civic Forum in 2005. He currently chairs the European Civic Forum and, as such, chaired the 2013 European Year of Citizens Alliance (EYCA). Jean-Marc is also a member of the French Economic and Social Committee and he also served as Co-Chair of the Liaison group with civil society organisations at the European Economic and Social Committee.

photo alexandrina najmowicz

Alexandrina Najmowicz – Director of European Civic Forum

Alexandrina Najmowicz is ECF director. Alexandrina’s core missions are to ensure the coordination of statutory activities and to implement the work plan adopted by the Board of directors and approved by the general assembly. She is also in charge of the network’s communication and the follow-up of institutional relations.

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