Join us for Civic Pride 2023: Celebrating everyday heroes of Human Rights!

30 November 2023 | Civic Pride, Press, Volunteering

At the core of our societies lie individuals and groups dedicated to ensuring that every person, regardless of circumstance, enjoys their fundamental human rights. We recognise and value the millions of actors, both formal and informal, who labour tirelessly for the effective access to rights for all. 

The term “Civil Society” encapsulates a diverse range of passionate individuals and groups working relentlessly to ensure that no one is left behind. They are the driving force behind the realisation of basic human rights. We aim to highlight their often unseen yet crucial roles in creating a more inclusive, fairer, and sustainable Europe. 

Our Purpose 

To mark the International Day of Human Rights on 10 December, we aim to shine a spotlight on these unsung heroes—the advocates, activists, and organisations that give substance to the principles of human rights. Their stories deserve to be heard, their efforts acknowledged, and their impact celebrated. 

Join the Movement – Civic Pride Week: 10 -15 December  

During this week, the European Civic Forum (ECF) stands alongside these remarkable actors, honouring their achievements. Through videos featuring inspiring activists, insightful interviews, and the promotion of our members’ initiatives, we will showcase the indispensable contribution of civic organisations in the fight for democracy, solidarity and universal access to rights. 

We invite you to be a part of this impactful movement! Share your actions and initiatives using the #CivicPride hashtag. Demonstrate how your efforts contribute positively to upholding human rights. Together, let’s amplify the voices and actions that drive meaningful change. As we approach International Human Rights Day, we want to come together to celebrate the dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment of those working tirelessly to ensure human rights for all.  

Spread the Word 

Mark your calendars and join us in honouring those who embody the spirit of activism and advocacy. Let’s make #CivicPride a platform to amplify our collective engagement towards fundamental human rights in Europe and beyond.