27 January 2015 | Uncategorised

Decided by Parliament Resolution on 2nd April 2014, under the motto “Our world, our dignity, our future” (article 1), the objectives of the year, as provided in article 2 of the Resolution, will be

« a) to inform Union citizens about the Union ‘s and the Member States’ development cooperation, highlighting the results that the Union, acting together with the Member States, has achieved as a global actor and that it will continue to do so in line with the latest discussions on the overarching post-2015 framework ;
b) to foster direct involvement, critical thinking and active interest of Union citizens and stakeholders in development cooperation including in policy formulation and implementation; and
c) to raise awareness of the benefits of the Union’s development cooperation not only for beneficiaries of the Union’s development assistance but also for Union citizens and to achieve a broader understanding of policy coherence for development, as well as to foster among citizens in Europe and developing countries a sense of joint responsibility, solidarity and opportunity in a changing and increasingly interdependent world. »

The year will organising according to 12 themes, one for each month: January will focus on “Europe in the world”, February on “Education”, March on “Women and Girls”, April on “Health”, May on “Peace and Security”, June on “Sustainable green growth, decent jobs and businesses”, July on “Children and youth”, August on “Humanitarian aid”, September on “Demography and migration”, October on “Food security”, November on “Sustainable development and climate action” and December on “Human rights and governance”.