Petition: Put people, democracy and the planet at the heart of our digital futures!

14 May 2024 | Campaign, Uncategorised

Dear EU lawmaker,

We – as individuals, collectives, communities, and societies – have the agency, and responsibility to shape the future of a digitalised world.  In 2024 and beyond, we call on you to pass laws that respect our vision articulated below, and reject the laws that steer us away from the future we want to build.

We prioritise dignity, autonomy, and justice, rejecting pervasive tracking and exploitation. Supported but not controlled by technology, our labour practices ensure stable work and a high quality of life for all. Freed from mass surveillance, people express their thoughts, resist oppression, and create collaboratively. Marginalised communities are empowered to seek justice for historical and ongoing injustices.

Caring for the planet is synonymous with caring for ourselves, our communities, and our societies. Acknowledging technology’s impact on nature, we prioritise circular economies. Embracing this principle, we promote durable goods and the right to repair. Industries cease profiting from exploitation, and aim for sufficiency and sustainability. We honor Indigenous lands for their cultural and ecological importance, fostering respect and protection.

Our decision-making prioritises justice, equity, and inclusivity. Technology facilitates these principles, instead of hampering them. Transparency and accountability check power imbalances. Public services are bolstered to ensure resilience and protection from private takeover. Impacted people and communities engage in digital decision-making with redress mechanisms. Localised, accountable decision-making is upheld, with technology used as needed – sometimes supplementing but never replacing human judgement, and other times, excluded from the decision-making process to reduce harm. Public digital tools are limited, transparent, and open to scrutiny.

Technology serves to uplift people, communities, and public services, avoiding oppression and manipulation. Digital tools are designed and used to enhance community, universal knowledge access, care, and decentralised collaboration. The rights to privacy, safety, and dignity online and offline, to communicate and protest are realised as foundational for democratic societies. Resilience against manipulation is ensured through democratic engagement and affirming freedom of expression and association.

States prioritise and invest in democratically-accountable public infrastructures and technologies, while corporations are restricted from profiting and exercising power over people’s lives through the use of surveillance technologies. Access to  open internet is a reality for all, fostering global knowledge sharing and the digital commons. Those most affected are engaged in the building and deployment of inclusive technologies which prioritise well-being and accessibility. Digitalised public services do not exclude any people, groups, or communities

With enough political will, you can turn our vision into concrete laws and policies.

We are counting on you!