01 March 2022 | Campaign, Civic Pride

The Civic Pride is an annual celebration of achievements by civic organisations, activists, associations, which form the backbone of democratic, inclusive, equal and solidary societies. This year we will celebrate a whole month, from 1 to 31 March!


In the past months, the sanitary crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic revealed deeper fractures within our societies and reinforced phenomena that were observed earlier: social inequalities, climate change, erosion of democratic checks and balances. All these led to a growing distrust in institutions, unable in citizens’ view to address the struggles they are facing on a daily basis.


On the other hand, the image of CSOs in citizens’ eyes is evolving positively. On issues that the population considers key, such as climate change, fight against poverty and social exclusion or public health, CSOs and associations have been on the forefront for decades, to mitigate the consequences or lack of public policies. Moreover, an incredible number of civic actors spontaneously initiated solidarity actions in countries bordering Ukraine, but also beyond, to provide any assistance to those fleeing war and agression. Under such circumstances, this Civic Pride is even more symbolic.


Nowadays, 1 out of 5 Europeans are engaged in civic organisations. The Civic Pride Month aims at:

  • Making visible the role model played by hundreds of thousands of civic organisations across Europe;
  • Advocating for a greater recognition of this role by the EU institutions, through the adoption of a Civil Society Strategy;

Together, it is time to amplify our voices, reimagine what possibilities lie ahead and blow the wind of change. Join the celebrations: stand and act for Civic Pride!


Because our voice and actions count

  • Promote the positive role of your organisation or a symbolic action you are leading on social media with the hashtag #CivicPride (find some inspiration here or here);
  • Stand up for the values we collectively care and make sure we #LeaveNoOneBehind;
  • Write to your national MEPs and decision-makers for an #EUCivilSocietyStrategy (more info and campaign material will come in a few days).


In light of the Russian attack in Ukraine, we naturally want to also use the Civic Pride as a connector and facilitator between movements, organisations and citizens that provide assistance to those in need. In moments like this, CSOs are often the last ones to leave and the first ones to return. If you or your organisation is assisting in any possible way or needs support, please share your actions with the #CivicPride to relay it among broader audiences.