Survey on the future evolution of organised civil society in the EU

11 July 2017 | Civil Dialogue

The role of civil society organisations has evolved significantly and will continue to change in the future. Their capacity to contribute to political and societal development will depend on a variety of factors, including funding, technological development and the increasing role of social media.

This survey seeks to analyse the main challenges for CSOs at national and European level, the trends and drivers of change, and future prospects for relations between policy-makers at national and European level and CSOs. The survey is part of the study that will develop a set of scenarios looking forward to 2030 setting out possible futures for CSOs, along with an overview of the possible consequences of those changes in terms of CSOs’ relations with public authorities. The survey is conducted on behalf of the European Economic and Social Committee by ENNA and CNVOS Slovenia. The survey has 8 questions and will take app. 15 minutes of your time. We kindly ask you to answer them and help us with the study. Your responses will be confidential.

The link to the survey can be found here.