The unprecendented crisis that hit the whole world in the last months revealed how much solidarity means to us. The upheaval of our way of life, in our consumption patterns also urged many of us to re-think them.

Throughout these months, the ECF and many other organisations contributed to mapping as many existing solidarity initiatives as possible, whether they came from organised groups (NGOs) or from citizens, business owners…

Among the many testimonies we received, we wanted to highlight stories which brought a deep change of attitudes in communities. The selected stories here also reflect broader lessons to draw from the crisis, a food for thought in addition to the 10 lessons drafted by ECF and its network.

In just a few weeks, we received more than 200 replies about initiatives and activities to support communities during the first lockdown. Moreover, with the Civic Space Watch, we monitored alerts on Fundamental Rights, as restrictive measures were becoming the norm, to try and stop the spread of the virus.