Civic Alliance Latvia – 10th edition of Human Development Award Ceremony: Celebrating contributions to Latvia’s growth.

30 October 2023 | Members' Corner

On Thursday, October 12, the Civic Alliance – Latvia in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Latvia honoured the laureates of the Human Development Award for the tenth time. The award is presented to people, organisations and companies whose worldview and work is based on multiplying the good, developing something new and contributing to the growth of the people around them and Latvia. The aim of the award is to promote initiatives that help reduce inequalities and foster human growth. As every year, the winners of this year’s ceremony received the sculpture “Sprout” by sculptor Olga Šilova, which is a stylised figure of a young woman. It symbolises a sprout awakened by the spring sun – fragile, yet full of energy, reaching up to the sun.

  • In the category of social responsibility and philanthropy the award went to the social enterprise Neredzamā pasaule (The Invisible World) and its founder Maksims Mihejevs. Video:
  • In the category for outstanding contribution to education the prize was awarded to Māris Ločmelis. Video:
  • In the category of outstanding contribution to health and well-being the prize was awarded to the Lyme Disease Association and its founder Elīna Prikule. Video:
  • In the category for contribution to the future of Latvia the prize was awarded to Edijs Klaišis and the OPEN Radošais centrs association. Video:
  • The special award for selfless work goes to the association “Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem” (I Want to Help Refugees). Video:

The ceremony will be broadcasted on ReTV on October 21 at 22.00 and on October 22 at 12.30. The event was made possible by the cooperation partners, sponsors and supporters Hamid Ladjevardi and his family, Simon Boddy, SEB Bank and co-financing from the Ministry of Culture under the Co-operation Agreement. More information can be found here.