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25 January 2023 | Members' Corner

By Libera contro le mafie e la corruzione


  • In December Libera contributed to the launch of the Create Balance campaign, as part of the EU partnership initiative WINGS – New Gender Strategies for Women’s Inclusion, which aims to facilitate the social-economic integration of third-country national women in vulnerable situations. WINGS provides them with language courses, psychological support, tailored employment counselling and labour integration opportunities. In March, the consortium will meet potential future employers during Info Days organised in each one of the countries involved, in order to activate the internship programmes in September.
  • The network that Libera promotes in Europe, CHANCE – Civil Hub Against orgaNised Crime in Europe, on the 11th of January issued a communicate to denounce the death of an 11-year-old girl in Belgium, Firdaous, the first victim of narcotraffic in Antwerp in 2023.