In April, began another chapter of the Italian organization Libera against mafias’s nearly thirty-year history: ExtraLibera is our new space, open in Rome at Via Stamira 5. A multimedia journey, a documentation center, a study hall, and a place for associations: this is how a confiscated bingo hall becomes a place of aggregation and culture for the community.

ExtraLibera is the space where memory and commitment come together, telling the story of a country that has managed to amplify its commitment against mafias and corruption. A multimedia journey in three rooms, where one can choose the story of one of the over a thousand innocent victims of mafias, and everyone’s commitment becomes… XL!

The three spaces in which the experience is divided focus on processes of awareness, responsibility, and action, utilizing architectural settings and interactive technologies to narrate and sensorially convey the stories. A journey that, starting from the numbers and the many investigations, involves us in daily life and allows us to experience even very distant contexts.

The contribution of each person is a piece of the anti-mafia movement, each step becomes an additional meter traveled together; ExtraLibera is the space that highlights the reasons of those who commit themselves to this cause every day: help us bring it to life!

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