Okotars: Hungarian CSOs launch the Civil EU Presidency

27 June 2024 | Members' Corner

Hungary holds the presidency of the Council of the EU between 1 July and 31 December 2024. Two CSO networks – the Great Lakes and Wetlands Alliance and the Civilisation Coalition – launch the Civil EU Presidency together to amplify the voice of civil society during these six months on issues that are not properly covered in the priorities of the Hungarian EU Presidency.

Their goal is to present proposals and make recommendations for comprehensive strategies to national governments and EU institutions, and propose the EU’s priorities for the next 5 years for a democratic, inclusive and sustainable future. 

The Civil EU Presidency’s priorities are:

  • Democracy
  • Solidarity
  • Green transition

Covering seven issues:

  • Just green transition in the EU
  • Roma strategies in EU countries
  • The State of Forests in the EU 
  • Women in public life
  • Water Resilience in the EU
  • The European car battery strategy and its implementation in Hungary 
  • The state of civil society in the EU 

Each topic is discussed at a separate event, organised by expert member CSOs of the two Coalitions. All events are open to the public.

Further details on the events are coming soon to the Civil EU Presidency website: https://civilpresidency.hu/en/home 

Civil society needs to be involved in EU Presidency programmes. Hence, hoping that Civil EU Presidency becomes a tradition, the baton will be handed over to Polish CSOs in December 2024.