RECLAIM: Stand up for LGBTIQ+ people in Hungary

23 February 2023 | Members' Corner

In June 2021, the Hungarian parliament adopted a law, copy-pasted from Russia, that censors the LGBTIQ+ communities in the country. This ‘anti-LGBT propaganda law’ bans the depiction of LGBTIQ+ people and the promotion of LGBTIQ+ topics in the media and in all the places where children could be, meaning almost everywhere.

The European Commission has finally decided to bring Hungary in front of the European Court of Justice as this law goes against the most fundamental European norms and values.

We are very confident that the Court will rule to protect LGBTIQ+ people. This ruling would be important not only to repeal the law but also to prevent similar laws to be adopted in other Member States of the EU such as Poland or Romania.

This makes this court case is a unique opportunity for us all to deliver a powerful and clear message: we stand for our EU values of inclusion, equality, rule of law, and democracy.

This is our opportunity to show Viktor Orbán’s government that the citizens from all the Member States of the EU despise his anti-LGBTIQ+ rhetoric and laws.

And this is where you can act.

We need your support to convince your government to join the case alongside the European Commission to make it clear that these ‘anti-LGBTIQ+ propaganda laws’ are not welcome in Hungary, in your country, nor anywhere in the EU.

Sign our petition now to request your government to join the procedure and say ‘Enough’ to Viktor Orbán!