EU Civil Dialogue a key element to regain trust between institutions and citizens, ECF latest study shows

02 June 2021 | Advocacy paper


The European Civic Forum, supported by Civil Society Europe, presents its latest study, authored by Linda Ravo. The study, named “Towards an open, transparent, and structured EU civil dialogue – Civil society’s views on challenges and opportunities for an effective implementation of Article 11 TEU”, reveals main challenges and issues on one of EU’s longest pending processes: the implementation of a civil dialogue mechanism, between organised CSOs and European institutions.

As in other parts of the world, all levels of government in the European Union (EU) continue to experience difficulties in retaining trust, legitimacy and relevance towards citizens. In many countries across the EU, there is an increasing distance between people, and political and public institutions. There is also a deepening mismatch between people’s expectations and what policy makers at national and EU level do to tackle pressing public concerns such as climate change, social cohesion, employment, poverty and the respect for democratic principles.

To tackle this growing problem, the author of the study explores means of cooperation, such as an inter-institutional agreement establishing an overarching policy framework on EU civil dialogue, but also the implementation of a Regulation on a European statute for associations and non-profit organisations.

The full document can be downloaded on the link below. The study was prepared by Linda Ravo, with inputs from the European Civic Forum group of National Platforms of NGOs and Civil Society Europe working group on civic Space.

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