DEADLINE EXTENDED>Nominations for Activizenship #6:
Reclaiming Civic Space

21 May 2021 | Call for action


It’s that time of year again! We are delighted to announce the opening of nominations for Activenship #6
The COVID-19 pandemic has further multiplied and deepened issues of shrinking civil and social rights and democratic backsliding, undermining the social contact of our societies. Nevertheless, civil society has been at the forefront of mitigating these challenges, sometimes winning fundamental victories against these trends.
With Activizenship #6, the European Civic Forum aims to showcase civic actors’ enabling actions (advocacy, campaigning, action and community organising) that:
  •  have positive impact on legislation, policies and enforcement practices (including through litigation and other forms of mobilisations) 
  • bring transformative change in their communities (for example by influencing narratives, bridging divided communities, building civic agency…). 
In particular, we are looking for stories of concrete achievements for civic space (see our definition of civic space herethat have a European dimension (for example, they can be replicated elsewhere in Europe, or hold the potential to have positive repercussions for civic space at the European level as well as other positive developments obtained through European mobilisation and advocacy).
We look forward to hearing your stories!
DEADLINE: 25 June 2021 

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