Civic Alliance research on the sector of civil society organisations in Latvia

03 May 2021 | Members' Corner


Civic Alliance – Latvia has published “Research on the sector of civil society organisations in Latvia 2020-2024: Problems and solutions for classification of Latvian association and foundations”.

The aim of the study is to gather factual information on civil society organisations by analysing basic data and developing recommendations, as well as analysing existing classification systems for associations and foundations in Latvia, monitoring and implementing data – based civil society development policies. The study concludes: although different classification systems exist, they have a clear picture of associations and foundations, because often organisations are not able to identify their activities in the proposed framework, which is appropriate to the specifics of the sector.

The study also revealed that the information and fragment found in different registers and the data stored in the register for one organisation may differ. An unclear common non-governmental sector always has negative consequences. Without comprehensive and complete goals, it is not possible to analyse civil society organisations for the scope, as well as financial and other indicators, or number of development trends.

By the end of 2020, 24 367 associations and foundations were registered and active in Latvia, operating in various fields and carrying out various activities. The activities of NGOs are recorded for various purposes, of which the three most important are:

  1. registration of economic activity of organisations;
  2. the register of organisations according to their field of activity or the rules for classifying NGOs;
  3. as well as records of those organisations which perform public benefit work.

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