Open letter regarding the reform of the Gag Law in Spain

SPAIN: Gag Law under reform, the right to freedom of peaceful assembly, expression and rule of law at stake – Joint letter

In Spain, social movements play a crucial role for democracy and rule of law: they mobilise citizens for environmental and social justice, and for the protection of sexual and reproductive rights. They stand against far-right groups and anti-rights narrative that have become more visible. They have also contributed to mitigate the socio-economic consequences of the…

Protests were met with brutal repression by Police Officers

Òmnium, Irídia and the ANC demand 37 new prosecutions
of Spanish Police Officers in the judicial investigation
on the police brutality in the 2017 Catalan referendum

A new expert investigation from three private accusations identifies more than 450 illegal actions during the 2017 Catalan referendum in Barcelona Barcelona, 22nd January 2022 – Catalan NGO and ECF member Òmnium Cultural, jointly with the also Catalan NGOs Irídia and the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) have demanded 37 new prosecutions of Spanish Police Officers…

Citizens participation must also be channelled through representative associations

Representation and participation: two faces of a strong democracy

As the third COFOE plenary took place end of January, we want to draw on and amplify some key takeaways from the citizens panels, namely that the EU must change in order to deliver social, economic, environmental and democratic integration! That policies should be people-centred and people-powered! Putting people in the driving seat of such a transformation requires institutions creating the conditions and the channels for…

LDH revue Droits&Libertés n°196 cover

Quel avenir pour le projet européen?

Find the original version (in French) here: HL196-Monde-5.-Quel-avenir-pour-le-projet-europeen.pdf ( Alexandrina Najmowicz est secrétaire générale du Forum civique européen (FCE), réseau composé d’une centaine d’associations et d’ONG européennes œuvrant pour la démocratie et les libertés associatives en Europe. Elle revient ici sur les enjeux de la Conférence pour l’avenir de l’Europe, où elle siège, dans un…


Open Letter to demand meaningful debate on and written responses to European Citizens’ Panel recommendations

Dear members of the Executive Board, The Conference on the Future of Europe (hereafter: the Conference) is at a crossroads: either it will turn into an ugly interinstitutional battle happening largely behind closed doors, feeding cynicism about EU and the oft-declared ‘Europe of citizens’, or it will fully embrace the potential of meaningful and publicly…


ECF express condolences after the passing of David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament

It is with great sorrow that we learned the passing of European Parliament President David Sassoli today. We sincerely regret the loss of a political figure who was always supportive of civil society organisations and eager to dialogue with them. Mr. Sassoli was a genuine defender of fundamental rights against the authoritarian, regressive forces that…