Civil Society Europe
Response to the European Commission Annual Rule of Law Report Stakeholders consultation

This contribution has been prepared by the working group on Civic Space of Civil Society Europe which is composed of CSE members, the European Foundation Centre as a partner organisation and several organisations working in the area of civic freedoms. We would like to thank in particular the following organisations for their contribution: Civil Liberties…

CREDIT: Sergei Grits: Associated Press

We stand in solidarity with people in Belarus
in their fight for dignity and freedom

Since the 9th of August, after rigged presidential elections, hundreds of thousands of Belarussians took to the streets to manifest peacefully their disapproval to oppressive authorities that violate people’s civic and economic rights and freedoms. Their fight for dignity and spirit of freedom has met with violent answer by the enforcement forces. Independent human rights…


The European Civic Forum welcomes 6 new member organisations in its network

Following the General Assembly held online on 30 June, the European Civic Forum has officially 6 new member organisations, which now amount to more than 90. The members were invited to vote on 6 applicants, namely: Ökotárs Foundation, or Hungarian Environmental Partnership Association. The foundation exists for almost 30 years, it works on general issues,…


European citizens deserve more and better from the EU budget under discussion

Download in PDF | French version accessible here As stated by civil society actors and the European Parliament, the Council decisions about the EU multiannual budget are not acceptable. Mobilisation and institutional discussions have to redress its shortcomings and ill-directions. In the aftermath of the Council meeting, many Head of States reported on the outcomes with…


Nominations of EESC members: Polish authorities are using the Trojan Horse method

The European Civic Forum condemns the retaliation of the Polish government against the re-election of Karolina Dreszer-Smalec, representing the National Federation of Polish NGOs (OFOP), for another term as member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) On 30 June 2020, the European Civic Forum held its General Assembly. The members unanimously condemned the…