10 lessons for the future, after the Covid19 crisis

Discussion on the 10 lessons: “Too many citizens felt in their flesh the need to come up with a new societal model”

On 9th of May 45 organisations and thousands of citizens across Europe called for online and offline events on a day-long kick off, all across Europe. The ECF held a discussion on the Future and the consequences of the Coronavirus-related crisis.  The programme included artistic performances, political debates, interactive conversations and readings to be broadcasted through…


For a Europe that cares for all – during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

#DEMOCRACY / #INCLUSION / #JUSTICE / #SOLIDARITY / #SUSTAINABILITY The COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrating all too well that unequal societies go hand-in-hand with human suffering, fragile economies and delicate democracies. Solidarity must be the bedrock of Europe’s response to this crisis: to fighting the pandemic and protecting all people, to managing the social and economic…


At a distance, united as never before

Version française ci-dessous Dear members, We are all living an unexpected and astonishing situation The whole planet faces the same emergency, and Europe has become, after China, the centre of the Covid-19 dissemination. All institutions, governments, communities, all of us are asked to act responsibly as individuals and as a community. We have to change…