Ökotárs Foundation – Step in the wrong direction: merging the Equal Treatment Authority under the Ombudsman’s Office

Merging the Equal Treatment Authority under the Ombudsman’s Office jeopardizes the assertion of the principle of equal treatment. While in the past the Authority has often acted in defence of vulnerable social groups, the current Ombudsman has not taken any steps in the case of compensating Rome children who suffered segregated education, did not speak…

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets on 28 November in France

The European Civic Forum warns about rapid deterioration
of civic space and the rule of law in France

French version below Paris, Brussels, 1st December 2020 The European Civic Forum welcomes the mass mobilisation of hundreds of thousands of people that took place on 28 and 29 November in 70 cities across France in defence of civil liberties. The demonstrations underline concern about legislative proposals currently under consideration by the French government and…